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Blind contour drawing

Art lesson: Blind contour drawing

Gooi en krijg te horen welke persoon en in welke situatie hij is. Schrijf hierna het verhaal

Stellen: Gooi een verhaal!-spel — -Juf Anja

Op pinterest kwam ik een -roll-a-story- spel tegen. Een erg leuk spel, maar wel in het engels. Daarom heb ik dit spel naar het Nederlands vertaald. Beschrijving van het spel: – Gooi de dobbelsteen: kijk nu over welk persoon jouw verhaal gaat – Gooi nog een keer: kijk nu in de 2de kolom. Waar is […]

HALLOWEEN SKELETON worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers


a halloween skeleton at the same time they learn th parts of the body - ESL worksheets

Pre-School Science - Why We Have Bones

Pre-School Science - Why We Have Bones

The Little Man asked me the other day why there are bones in our hands. I tried explaining that bones give our hands their shape and structure, but I could tell that my explanation was not simple enough. So I decided to utilise visual aids! I used a latex glove and 5 straws. First, I showed him the glove, likened to a hand, and illustrated its inherent floppiness. Then I slipped a straw into each of the fingers, and then showed him how the 'hand' can now be raised. We high-fived it a few…

4x6 x-ray photos. Print them, laminate them, and use them for the dramatic play center (hospital theme)


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DIY Handmade Doctor Play Kit (tutorial).

DIY Handmade Doctor Play Kit (tutorial). GREAT kids gift!

I love a handmade holiday. The gifts are so memorable and your kids know you really thought about them while you labored over a great gif...

vet clinic for blood

Sac de papier et transfusion sanguine....

Voici un petit bricolage vite fait bien fait pour ajouter à votre clinique vétérinaire ou salle opératoire à l'aide d'un sac de papier brun. Mon fils et moi avons simulé une pochette de perfusion Baxter pour une transfusion de sang. Mon fils a colorié en rouge la face du sac à l'aide d'un crayon feutre. Ensuite, j'ai ajouté des gradients et des centimètres cube sur le sac. Mon fils a ensuite colorié une épingle à linge en bois en rouge et l'a attaché à un ruban rouge. Nous avons ensuite…

Observe your heartbeat with a marshmallow and a toothpick! Awesome idea, and the blog post has a link to a free printable!

Science Experiments for Elementary

Experiment #1 What will happen when I put raisins in a cup of sprite? After you do the experiment, you will find out tha...

interactieve praatplaat door Ingrid Heersink

Lichaam by ingrid

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X-Rays of a human hand into adulthood

Growing Up And I'm Fine

Illustration and book art with a literary bent. Focus on international illustrated books and Surrealism.

skeleton activity for bone structure!

Studying (and Making) Our Own Skeleton

The human body is so cool. To kick off some lessons related to our anatomy, I thought we’d read up on bones. Our first book was “Bones” by Stephen Krensky. Even though it’s a step 2 Step Into Reading book, I read it to my son. This non-fiction book talked about bones at my son’s level and I was thrilled to have found it at our local library. Afterwards, I gave my son a skeleton puzzle. (Well, that’s what I called it, anyway.) I downloaded these great bone cut-outs from The Crafty Crow…

Sense of Taste / Tongue Map

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