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Hair Idea - Skysims

Female hairstyle for adult. Found in TSR Category 'Female Sims 3 Hairstyles'

Hair idea - thesimtress

Harley Quinn Hair Conversion - Here is the one and only Harley Quinn’s hair conversion! (Batman Arkham City version) As promised both hairs are finished~ hope you all enjoy and have fun making your.

Plant Accesory - MadnessOfKanoYa

The Sims Sims Sims, content for Sims, KanoYa, madnessthesims

Burglar Mask - smileyoshi1000

You want your sim to be a Burglar? Don't Forget To use the Mask. Found in TSR Category 'Sims 3 Glasses'

Arkham Asylum Top - Natalia-Auditore

Poison Ivy - Arkham Asylum Top ConversionSo… I took a really long time to fix this.