Symmetrical self-portraits - great idea for teaching symmetry and measurement.

Math meets Art: Symmetry Self-Portraits. Showing students how symmetrical they are! Have students cut out picture of themselves and then cut in half. Students are then able to draw the other half.

We love these Leaf Animals! A wonderful Autumn craft activity for little ones 😀🍂🍃

Meet Me in the Middle - 5th Grade Self-Portraits | Art is Awesome!

Excellent exercise for building confidence and general portrait practice (Example is that of children in grade)

Three Kings and starry night background with blue paint and salt.

Celebrate Three Kings Day with a silhouette painting of the wise men. Create a beautiful night sky with Crayola® Watercolor Paints and salt.

Easy one day winter themed lesson

Here's the snowy tree lesson I've shown before. This time, instead of painting the snow, we simply added the snow with the pastels. The pa.