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some hearts with words on them that says, my grandkids are a window to my past a mirror of today
an older woman holding a child with the words grandma's prayer
Good morning | Bible Prayers | Bible verses | Lord prayers #prayer #bible #bible verses #lordprayer
an image with the words lord protect my grandkids life is uncertain these days, bliss their lives and keep them safe
a pink background with black hearts and the words it's my honor, my pri
My honor, privilege and blessing...
a pink and green poster with the words when my arms can't reach my children i hug them
"Hug My Grandchildren With Prayers" Greeting Card for Sale by adametzb
a black and white photo with the words grandkids always remember you're special
Grandkids ❤️
this grandma may not be rich and famous but i do have princesses that love with all my heart and soul