Stoffentrend 2018: Bloemen 2.0.

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Sheila Coombes Paris, Trousers, Pajama Pants, Pajamas, Pants
Sheila Coombes
colorful flowers are in front of a blue wall with white trim and two large urns
Matthew Williamson Design
Belvoir Collection for Osborne and Little
a potted plant sitting on top of a window sill next to a blue cushion
Matthew Williamson Design
The Matthew Williamson Orangery Wallpaper campaign image
a living room with blue walls and green chairs in front of a window covered in curtains
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Matthew Williamson Floridita Fabric Osborne Ane Little | TM Interiors Limited
the fabric has flowers and leaves on it
Decoration fabric ADORABLE WE5011/070 | Soleil Bleu
ADORABLE (WE5011/099) Alexander Mcqueen, Alexander Mcqueen Scarf, Alexander
Produkt nicht gefunden | JAB ANSTOETZ Group
ADORABLE (WE5011/099)
a couch sitting in front of a pink wall with lots of green leaves on it
Pink de Gournay (Chinoiserie Chic)
Victoriaanse woontrend - kleurrijk, veel bloemen en planten en chic!