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Scarlett Rose Leithold on Instagram: “"I was born very far from where I'm supposed to be, and so, I'm on my way home, you know?" -bob dylan”

(Open with princess Alexa) I walk around in the forest, already curious about the boys I'm going to meet. I'm lost in thoughts as I bump into you.

Anyone want to hang out? If nobody does I understand... *sighs* ~Alyssa

Charlotte) I look at myself in the mirror as I apply make up for my latest photoshoot. I look down to put more eye shadow on the brush and when I look up, I jump at your reflection in the mirror

*is in parking lot of Mels house* Hey guys!!! ~Alyssa

((FC: Scarlett Rose)) "uh hey I'm Myles" I smile slightly "I'm Wes's sister but I'm not as outgoing I get picked on a lot by the inmates here for being so quiet.

Scarlett Leithold on We Heart It

Cass:: I sit in the window that leads to the fire escape and watch the people that are walking up and down the street when I hear someone walk in

::Scarlett Liethold/Griffin Arlund:: "Hey I'm Scarlett. I'm 19 and single. I'm a normal human being. I like to model and paint. I'm really sweet and funny, come say hey." I smile.

[fc: Scarlett leithold] "hey there babes my name is Harper. I'm 18 years old and single. I love traveling the world and meeting new people. I can be quite sarcastic and funny if I say so myself. Don't be shy and come introduce yourself.