Though electric sewing machines were all the go in the I learned to sew on my mother's old Singer machine. This was the singer treadle sewing machine - sewed on my mother's electric machine with knee operation

In de teil op zaterdagavond.

Vrijdag of Zaterdag in de Tobbe. Evening bath, in a house with no shower. You heat the water on the stove and poor it in the tub. The cleanest kid bathed first.

De kruidenier

Kruidenier in Boskoop / Dutch grocer 1961 via Nationaal Archief. Grocery in thee Nethrelands,

Tv kijken deed je bij die ene buur die wél zo'n toestel had. Met z'n allen op woensdagmiddag. Dat was ons huis!

This how we watched tv in the sixties with all the children in the neighbourhood.