Colorful eyeliner makeup look tutorial. Follow this with your favorite makeup products.

Okay but if I do this, it looks like I got gang banged by Crayola. Colorful Eyeliner As a modern, smart and beautiful girl (a true Fashionista) you are obligated to experiment with colors until you find the right ones for you

Eye Shadow Combinations for a Beautiful Look

How to Apply an Eyeshadow - Step by Step Tutorial

Los 10 mejores trabajos de maquillaje de Tal Peleg | Cuidar de tu belleza es

Los 10 trabajos de maquillaje más impresionantes, ¡descúbrelos!

Israeli Artist Draws Amazing Make-Up Art On Her Own Eyelid Eyes are beautiful and infinitely characterful, and they are central to Tal Peleg’s makeup art. She draws miniature images on the eyelids.

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The Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial = Top 10 Best Eye Make-Up Tutorials of Okay now this is theee perfect smokey eye, I love it. Simple, elegant, and beautiful, and not at all shimmery. I hate those really detailed super shimmery smokey eyes