Zone 7 Sun Perennials

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Anita Margarita
Verbascum, Southern Charm Hybrid

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This Burpee introduction has become one of the most popular perennials in recent years. Full, well branched plants grow 2 1/2-3' tall when situated in full sun. Flower spikes are covered with beautiful florets in shades of buff, lavender and soft rose. Primary bloom begins in June and is followed by a lighter bloom period that continues into September. Wonderful in fresh arrangements. Remove spent flower spikes to encourage more bloom.

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Enjoy the multidimensional effect created by the unique layering of petals. Pink Wonder stands out among the recently introduced pink daffodils with its extremely full, ruffled cup offset by white petals and a small, yellow centre. The buds of this variety open in a more peachy shade and soften to warm pink as they mature. Several of the split-corona petals are nestled between two layers of white flower petals, giving the blooms a fantastic multidimensional look. It is a uniquely shaped…

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This flower's soft appearance belies its strength. Very full, creamy white blooms of impressive size have soft yellow petals at the centre for a frothy effect. Wonderfully fragrant and exceptionally strong with stems that stand up to spring showers.

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The stunning, complementing colours of our Colorful Calla Lily Collection are perfect planted together in your garden or potted up individually as bold patio accents. And don't forget to cut a few stems for your kitchen vase for a contemporary, sophisticated, and brilliantly colourful arrangement. - See more at:

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Heirloom daff with big blooms. Place your bets on this fragrant daff to win over garden visitors with its huge, 4-6" trumpet-shaped flowers, bold colours and unique form. Bicolour cups of yellow and red lay flat against snowy white perianths--really draws the eye to your garden.Large- Cupped

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Softly stunning and aromatic. Pastel pink petals make this one of the most romantic tulips you can find. Each stem produces lush blooms bearing a light fragrance. Include masses of these extravagant 4" blooms in your garden design for a sensational effect. They will positively take your breath away in a floral arrangement.

Dianthus, Chomley Farran

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Petite carnation relatives, ‘‘pinks’’ are easy to grow for fancy, fragrant cut flowers. Neat mounds of gray-green foliage make them great front border plants. Burpee

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A tropical stunner in kindred colours!The exceptional, double blooms of the exotic Tahiti Daffodil have yellow perianths embellished by orange-red centres. Strong, long-lasting and disease resistant.

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White and pink Petit Four Daffodil flowers grow 16 to 18 inches tall and add drama to your garden with aromatic, long-lasting blooms.

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A daffodil of distinct colour. Altruist boasts a small, dark red cup surrounded by exquisite roughed petals in a copper hue. The solitary, 3–3½" blooms of this showy daffodil are perfect for naturalized areas or cutting gardens. Also adds interest to cut-flower bouquets. Plant these beauties with late-flowering tulips and early roses. Or combine them with bleeding hearts, euphorbia or lady's mantle to create a striking display unique in its diversity of colours and forms.

Phlox, Cosmopolitan

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Phlox add brilliant color and vertical interest to the summer garden. Burpee

British Gamble Daffodil | Breck's

We've been waiting a long time for a healthy, true pink trumpet daffodil, and the wait was well worth it! Giant white and pink daffodils, with touches of orange and yellow.

Silverstone Tulip Bloom Time: Mid Spring Size: 7-8 cm Height: 14-16"

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Spread sunshiny hues through your yard with Juanita Daffodils, blazing perennials whose buttercup yellow petals surround a deep orange corona.

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Fernlike foliage with un-fernlike blooms.Known for textured, fernlike foliage and striking, trumpet-shaped blooms, each plant features 3–5 stalks up to 18" tall. This perennial multiplies freely and forms neat clumps—a lovely border addition. Adored by hummingbirds. Not a true fern, it needs a bit of sun to thrive in the ground or in pots. Incarvillea delavayi