Helga Zeegers-Berghof

Helga Zeegers-Berghof

Helga Zeegers-Berghof
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Labello Labellino Fresh Mint Lip Balm Honest Review

It’s a normal decent lip balm which has same effect as other lip balm gives. It doesn’t have any tint and SPF in it.

Maison Blanche Dael, Maastricht, Zuid-Limburg.

Maison Blanche Dael: best plays to buy coffeebeans and tealeaves.

Yes!! #coffeelovers

Depresso, that feeling you get when you've run out of coffee. chalkboard art print, printable wall art, typography print, humor This is something that just does NOT ever happen at our house.

coffeeology quotes coffee morning

Do you know about Coffeeology ? Espresso yourself stay grounded take life one cup at a time better latte than never take time to smell the coffee made with Nespresso capsules, take a look-

Great local #coffee roaster in Maastricht, NL

Great local roaster in Maastricht, NL

In Holland? Check Blanche Dael Maastricht for amazing quality coffee!

one of my favourite shops;