Knallerbsenstrauch wie der Name schon sagt; Pick them, stomp on them and then it makes a bang sound.

Verstoppertje met buut

we used to play hide and seek with all the kids in the neighbor hood. Of course the younger kids were usually found first. Hide -n- Seek, ready or not, here I come!

'Prikkeldraad' noemden we dit.... was NIET leuk....!

I been working on my Chinese burn. Beware mofos I am not fraid to use it. Highly aggravating and may result in significant bruising. Broken skin even.

≥ Rollen RANG snoep dummies jaren 60/70 - Merken en Reclamevoorwerpen -

'Rang is alleen Rang is alleen Rang als er Rang op staat .

kersen oorbellen!!!

Being a Mennonite girl, and earrings being prohibited.cherries worn this way made me feel REALLY cool!

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