Heidi Van deenen
Heidi Van deenen
Heidi Van deenen

Heidi Van deenen

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tutorial breiring: Zomerse sjaal in Diamant steek (english notes) - YouTube

Ladies Slippers made with a small 24-peg knitting loom. Free pattern with easy to follow step by step tutorial. Great project for beginners

Under step lighting, a lavish feature!

Molding designed to house LED strips for cove lighting. Can be mounted up or down. More

Na terasi ima jedan stub i dosta mesta za velike saksije, pa sam mislio da postavim neku puzavicu tu, da probam da napravim prasumu za leto.

Air Plant Cork Sculpture

Ionantha Guatamala Duo Pack

Air Plants: Care and Styling

Air Plants: Learn how to care for air plants and get ideas for incorporating them into your home decor.

Mossy Tillandsia Wreath

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Succulents

Larger pine cone with succulents and air plants.