haam-kaasrolletjes in bladerdeeg, leuk hapje voor op een feestje... Door kaylie  I'm guessing this is puff pastry, and the salt is aded after cooking, I'll fill it with veggie ham though. Maybe for next cake and bake club!

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites I made these last night.they were a lot of work but super yummy and both kids liked them. I cut the amount of cheese in half and substituted ground turkey for the ham and they tasked like philly cheesesteak stuffed pretzels

Rum 'n' Coke Gummies. So easy to make, and a nice twist on Vodka Gummy Bears. http://mixthatdrink.com/rum-n-coke-gummies/

Rum 'n' Coke Gummies are a delicious and fun twist on vodka gummy bears. These cola flavored gummies soaked in rum actually taste a Rum 'n' Coke. They make a great treat for parties, or hostess gifts.

Vodka infused watermelon http://sweetpaul.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/05/so-hot-out.html

Vodka Watermelon! How to Fill a Fruit with Booze Sweet Paul

*I WOULDN'T USD ALCOHOL.JUST FYI* Vodka Watermelon! How to Fill a Fruit with Booze Sweet Paul. cut a hole in melon, stick in a funnel, fill w/lime-infused vodka cups) let set in fridge a couple days, cut into wedges & enjoy!

leuk idee, ballonnen met een glow in de dark staafje, leuk idee voor een feestje

If I had a pool I would totally try this out. Put a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns. Pool party on a Summer night! I think this could work pinned up on the fence of a backyard without a pool, too, so really great idea for any outdoor BBQ/party!