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Heidy Schillemans
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edith piaf - la vie en rose // The only song the truly brings out happy tears from me. :)

Edith Piaf - "La Vie en Rose", I chose it for the passionate way that Edith Piaf uses to interpret it and also because I like the sound of the French language.

Edith Piaf - Non, Je ne regrette rien

"Édith Piaf is a cultural icon and is universally regarded as France's greatest popular singer. Her ballads, like La Vie en rose and Non, je ne regrette rien reflected her life. She appeared sporadically in films.

Toon Hermans over Snieklaas. Sinterklaas  heeft hem nooit iets gegeven. Hij deed alsof Toon Hermans niet bestond.

soms is sinterklaas eigenlijk best wel stom :)-----lbxxx.