pencil rubbings over coins - I did this. along with putting a penny on the train track to make a coin 'medallion' :)

Madeliefjes ketting

Making daisy chains during P. when the teacher was talking to be told that I couldn't play rounders etc and had to sit for the hour making daisy chains. Thank you Sir!

The stress of pulling the edges off your dot matrix printer paper. | 50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand.  BUT YOU COULD MAKE BANNERS!!!

The stress of pulling the edges off your dot matrix printer paper. {I still have a stack of these papers, connected but the side dot hole strips are pulled off.

i would specifically go to one store when i was little to get these!!

20 Snacks That Will Make You Miss The ‘90s

omg this brings me back haha Spice Girls - Fantasy Ball Gum Lollipop with Stickers (Chupa Chups)


I've recently introduced my girls to the old Pippi movies, and of course the love her :)

80's and 90's

Duck Tales Woo Hoo Me and Jamie (my brother) would run home from the bus to watch this and the smurfs!

ELECTRO Ik had het, mijn dochter had het,mijn kleindochter heeft het lb xxx.

Electro junior, er zat een vast patroon in dus ik won altijd!


Jumbo Magic Spool Knitting Mushroom mushroom spool knitter, had one of these when I was little!

Vintage Fisher Price Record player, ook helemaal geweldig, jeugdsentiment

This was the funnest toy ever! My cousin had one and i couldn't get enough of playing with it.