Locks and Keys: nice set up

Could also connect a bunch of locks and put all the keys on a key ring. Lots of pictures of latch, lock, etc ideas for montessori type preschool. This lock one could be made with 2 boards, some o-rings, and some locks from Dollar Store.

Small world in a box - love this 'Construction Site Diorama' (",)

Construction Site Diorama

Pretend Play Invitation to Play: Small world Construction Site in a cardboard box. Toy for boys to play with sand and small cars.

Montessori practical life activity - unlocking padlocks with keys

pad lock board // pre-school play - I think Laurel would LOVE this. Definately need to make it so keys stay with board. Maybe color code keys and locks at first then advance to random

For beginning of the year, chose a number and pick out that many sticks to create a design with. After they make their design they use markers to draw it using the correct colors then write the number. I found tiny colored craft sticks for this.

Have the students pick a number. Count that number of sticks. Make a design and recreate it with the same color markers on paper. Love all of the components! Great for creative fine motor/visual motor practice

Piet Mondrian LEGO art | Mama Miss

Piet Mondrian LEGO art

Fotokaarten voor het nabouwen met kleine blokjes.

Block building cards, Copy and Paste on to cart or onto a Tri- Fold board and place in construction area