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I remember Holly Hobbie from my childhood. I may have had a HH lunch box but I definitely had a Holly Hobby comforter, sheets, curtains and a Canopy bed with her print all over it.

One pinner said: "Take it from an ole woman...this is the truth. When your children are gone you will wish for the days back when they wanted you to go outside and play, the hugs good night, holding them as they cried, being proud of them. All I have are these memories. Young mothers, make the most of your time with your children. Trust me, you'll be glad you did." Words to live by!

Enjoy the little things in life. One day you'll look back and realize they were the big things. Live each day to the fullest and have fun. No need to stress over the little things. Just enjoy the life God graced you with.

Things of the past ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) - Dingen van vroeger ( 70's, 80's, 90's ) ( Kerst )

Vintage Christmas ANGEL CANDLE CHIMES with star made in Sweden

Mom and Dad had one of these - candle tapers went in the prongs at the base and the heat from the flame made the angels spin around! Vintage Christmas ANGEL CANDLE CHIMES with star made in Sweden

Zo een heb ik ook gehad in het wit!

Digital Pink Leather Watch - Remember when these came in different colours


Monchichi monchichi, oh so soft and cuddliy? With their thumb in their mouth they're very sweet, and that's all. I loved my Monchichi it was my favorite thing when I was young I wish I still had that thing.

De aapjesautomaat, bij de VD....

De aapjesautomaat, bij de V&D. I remember this monkey automaton in the V&D in Haarlem, but there were 2 different ones.

Schooltafeltje met pennenbak, inktpotje en ''kastje''.

Bought one of these for my daughter to have a desk/vanity painted it.

Met dit speelgoed kwamen kinderen in de jaren '80 en '90 hun dag wel door | Life | Upcoming

Sony Walkman - remember when we had to "fast forward" and "rewind" and "flip the tape over"? The Ipod

De televisie in het interieur

TV Test pattern - finally arrived in South Africa in 1976 with warnings of getting "square eyes"!