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Bubbles! With stuff we already have at home!
YES! With stuff we actually have at home! 🎥: @melissajean1223
painting 🖌️
several clay pots are stacked on top of each other to create a fountain for the garden
a blue bottle with a hole puncher next to it on a white tablecloth
Make a Homemade Ultralight Camping Stove - Survivalist Prepper
Серьги из стекляруса и бисера с кристальным жемчугом
Difficulty: Easy Материалы • Кристальный жемчуг 5810 10 мм IR Dreamy Blue Pearl • Стеклярус TOHO BUGLE 9 мм #21 • Бисер Miyuki 15/0 #181 • Бисер Miyuki 8/0 #4221 • Швензы-пусеты с фианитом родий 4 мм • Соединительные колечки • Нить
Car hack
three water bottles sitting next to each other on top of a table in the dark
Transient Patterns of Colour, Light and Shade
a woman holding a microphone in front of a red box with white paint on it
Cymatic Voicebox
four different types of sand being used to make triangle shaped shapes with the words baking soda, sand, flour and al powder
SUPER GLUE and baking soda,sand,flour
two black turntables sitting next to each other on top of a street pole
Sound installation 'Clouds of knotted sound'
VAN DER MEIJIS Ronald - Clouds of knotted sound Sculpture de son composée de deux bassins sonores qui produisent des sons analogiques (frottement du caoutchouc sur les plaques tournantes). La sculpture est réalisée pour être vécue, de l'eau est ajoutée dans les bols afin de varier les sons. #symbgoliqueuniondedeuxcultures #sculpture #mouvement