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an alley way with flowers growing on the side of it and a sign that says lily's restaurant
Gloucester, England
there is a rainbow in the sky over some buildings and a boat on the water
Rainbows above the belfry in Bruges, Belgium (by...
an old brick building with a clock tower on the top is shown in front of a cloudy sky
Brugge by Escalonilla PixeL a PixeL PasO a PasO / 500px
a woman sitting on the steps in front of a white building with green shutters
Ostuni - Vicoli
an alleyway between two buildings with windows
Quaint old house in Bruges, Belgium
a clock tower on top of a building in the middle of an alley way with buildings and cobblestone streets
a narrow street with bicycles parked on both sides and buildings in the backround
an old brick building with a door and window on the side of it, next to a cobblestone street
an old stone building with a statue in the window
Caceres - Arco de Santa Ana
an empty street with people walking around and buildings in the background at dusk, on a rainy day
Jardin Des Tuileries | Trotterz
a river running through a small town surrounded by trees
people are walking down an alleyway between two buildings in the old part of town
Beyoglu Side Street