(Groeps)Beloningsbord. Als de leerlingen iets goed doen ( al het werk af, stil, enz.) trek een nummer van 1/100 en kleur het getal in. Als er 10 op een rij ingekleurd zijn, komt de beloning. Bijv. Eindspel van de dag bedenken, extra tekenles, kopje thee met elkaar drinken enz.

Classroom Behavior Chart: A giant 100 chart & as the whole class does something really well one student pulls out a popsicle stick and colors the number found on the stick. Once ten numbers in a row are colored in, a party is earned.

I always have the children draw a self portrait, but I like the idea of having their picture next to it!!

Classroom Snapshots

Beginning of year bulletin board idea OR for School House Jam Open House

100 things we have learned poster.  Make on the first day of school.  Each day add something! I'm gonna do this!

Set out a 100 day chart during the day. Have the kids write words they’ve learned to spell this year inside the Write about 100 things they’ve learned in the first 100 days of school.