Dit lijkt me gaaf: geef elk kind een vierkant blaadje en de opdracht 'teken 10 cirkels en 5 lijnen'. Elk kind doet dit op z'n eigen manier. Aan het eind vergelijken en bij elkaar hangen. Leuk!

Kinder 10 circles 5 lines

Kinder 10 circles collage, originally uploaded by a_stlkr. project: i gave the kinders two rules: use 10 circles use 5 lines. They were able to use the circles however they wanted and were ab.

Grade One | Art Lessons For Kids

I absolutely love art lessons that involve chalk and oil pastels. The kids enjoy the vibrant colors of oil pastels and the magic that occurs when you blend several chalk pastels together!

immagin@rti: Let's SELFIE!

Kids create and draw in Apps that represent them, later expanding upon their ideas through writing. Or have students draw apps that represent a character from a story you are currently reading!

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