Recept - Aardbeienroomtaart - Allerhande


Recept - Monchoutaart van Jacolien - Allerhande

Mon­Choutaar­t van Ja­co­lien

Paleo Brownies - coconut flour, coconut oil, eggs, sweetener, and chocolate

Can dessert be guilt-free? + paleo brownies recipe

“Paleo Brownies” with: coconut flour, coconut oil or butter, dark chocolate [containing allowed ingredients only], eggs, sugar [see “Variations” for amount]. Note: Stevia is an untested MRT ingredient (at time of this post) so withhold prior to Phase

Recept - Frisse cranberrycheesecake - Allerhande

Fris­se cran­ber­ry­chee­se­ca­ke

This is the perfect weekend to make this delicious Cranberry Cheesecake!

Recept - Worteltaart met banaan - Allerhande

Wor­tel­taart met ba­naan

My all time favourite recipe for sweet carrot cake (recipe in Dutch); sometimes make it in a muffin tin and treat friends or colleagues. Always a hit!

Recept - Dadelcake met karamelsaus - Allerhande

Da­del­ca­ke met ka­ra­mel­saus

Snelle couscous salade

Snelle couscous salade

Kiwi, Salads

Simpele salade

Simpele salade

Dressing, Kiwi, Salad