Herman Soepenberg
Herman Soepenberg
Herman Soepenberg

Herman Soepenberg

Meer ideeën van Herman

British colonial office and study; Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Rviere interiors.

Beautiful warm wood, leather, rug, seating arrangement, lighting and, of course, the fireplace flanked by bookcases

Leopard-Print Rugs

Room of the Day ~ sophisticated, cozy library - warm colors, animal print rug, comfortable chairs, chandelier, old books, antique desk.

Octagonal library in Wilbury Park, an Inigo Jones-style hunting lodge in Wiltshire. Library added by Fulke Greville in 1740. Image from "Interiors" by Min Hogg, Wendy Harrop & The World of Interiors.

50 Jaw-dropping home library design ideas

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English library...this looks like a room designed by/for an Agatha Christie play...

Great space with fireplace, wallpaper, books and old leather chairs...

This will be my home office. With many leather bound books... and... nautical decorations and... classy stuff...