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Image of gourd pendant light

GOURD PENDANT LIGHT made from dried gourds. matt black finish on the outside/ small fitting/ m. wire with black plug/ max. irregularities and varying sizes (from arround 35 cm to 50 cm) are what separates them from industrial light fittings.

modern artistic lights

ett la benn, Kami pots and lights at the exhibition Poetry Happens Ventura Lambrate, Milan in April 2011

Northern Lighting Acorn Pendant Light

Northern Acorn Pendant Light - White

The Northern Lighting Acorn Pendant Light is a modern lighting solution inspired by Nordic autumn forests from Atle Tveit.

&tradition Spinning hanglamp 42 cm

&tradition Spinning hanglamp 42 cm

Wooden Bulb

Wooden Light Bulb Lamp: This unique lamp is best suited for a light bulb. It provides great light and is quite the .

Pendant lamp CORK BLUE - Hübsch

Make a contemporary statement in your home with these stunning glass and cork pendant lights. Smokey Blue/Grey glass with a solid cork stylish stopper from Hubsch.

&tradition Spinning hanglamp 25 cm

&tradition Spinning hanglamp 25 cm

house doctor asymmetric lampenkap - metaal

House Doctor Asymmetric Lampenkap - Metaal

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