Paper Plate Mouse ~ Easy Kids Craft! Use black and white paint so students can figure out how to make gray. Scrapbook paper scraps make the ears, nose, and tails adorable. Perfect companion craft for stories like Cinderella, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie or Aesop's Fables.

Paper Plate Mouse Craft - Housing a Forest Paper Plate Mouse ~ Easy Kids Craft If you really like arts and crafts an individual will appreciate this website!

making books with kids, preschool farm theme

On the Farm Book Making with Preschoolers

On the farm book making is a great way for young children to combine literacy and arts/crafts, all within a farm theme!

krab van hand en vingers

handprint crabs, cute idea for us Marylanders to do with kids for a craft project!

De belevenissen in het 1ste kleuterklasje

De belevenissen in het 1ste kleuterklasje

Pasta Kids Craft to help with fine motor skills

4 Pot Sized Pasta Kid Craft Ideas (Fine Motor & Sensory) & Mueller's Shortcuts Contest

work on fine motor skills with spaghetti noodle pasta crafts and activities - 4 great ideas for preschool or teacher classroom projects!