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a piece of art that is hanging on the side of a wall with black fabric
10 designers making unique furniture and decor from recycled textiles - Upcyclist
Polonaise | reclaimed silk, hand stitched and stuffed with wool | Ruth Singer
a black and white piece of art that is on display
black and white tie - dyed fabric with circular design
an aerial view of rocks and gravel in the shape of a world map, taken from above
Puff binder on silk. Experiment sample from my final project “Haiku Landscapes” at the Royal College of Art.
the wall is made up of many different colored pieces of paper and tape on top of each other
Woven Tiles - 3D textile design using dyed kiro cloth to create repeating patterns - textile manipulation // Hiroko Takeda
an abstract painting with red and white circles in the shape of hearts on a pink background
Lyndall Watson - Weavling + Sometimes Designer
an outdoor garden with plants growing on it and hanging from the roof, in front of a house
Live Streaming Bola,badminton,sports,tv
DIY Outdoor Vertical Garden DIY Hanging Gutter Garden; i ACTUALLY LIKE THE PATIO COVER ON THIS PROJECT.
an image of a curtain that is made out of metal mesh and has wavy lines on it
Karina Nielsen Rios
an old tree with moss growing on it's trunk in the forest surrounded by leaves and rocks
Mossy Forest, Brittany, France www.facebook.com/loveswish
a piece of art that looks like yarn
Searching for textile art inspiration? Look at these craft project ideas for simple and easy textile design using textile art techniques from Marilyn Pipe http://www.colouricious.com/shop/craft-tv-textile-techniques-creative-art-sewing-embroidery-recycling-craft-tv
an aerial view of water and land in the ocean, with black dots on it
Feito para Brasileiros por um Brasileiro
Kika Reichert
rusted metal with rivets and holes in it
Rust (Photo by Don Taylor)
a piece of art that looks like it has been made out of rocks and stones
Aventures Textiles
Love this whole site! Adventures Textiles
a stack of white books with blue thread on the front and back covers, sitting on a black surface
Awesome Handmade Books: French Link Stitch Bookbinding
french link stitch. Closeup of the stitching pattern by MissRuth,