What the caterpillar calls the end of life, the Master calls a butterfly- RB ♡

Pink butterflies ~ There is something about the delicacy of a butterfly that captivates the eyes and awakens the heart to appreciate the beauty of life.

Orchids & butterflies~❥

Pink orchids and butterfly - Orchid & butterflies, what a lovely pairing; Look at God's amazing design in camouflaging this butterfly!

Gedichten Paula Hagenaars

'Zul je straks mijn stem herkennen in de wind' Gedicht: Paula Hagenaars

I Feel You... I See You... In Everything, And Everywhere. ❤ I Miss You ❤ { babyloss miscarriage stillbirth bereavement missyou memorial memory funeral angel cherub pregnancy baby infantloss son daughter child unconditionallove heldyourwholeLife BreakTheSilence SayItOutLoud religion heaven inlovingmemory pregnancyandinfantloss stillloved angelbaby quotes quoteoftheday lifequotes inspiration }

You, my precious husband.you surround and inhabit everything and everywhere.