1970's music | The 1970's, a decade when the world begins to change even more

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. such a good movie and sound track. My oldest brother looked just like John Travolta !


Calimero - Trouver que parfois la vie est vraiment trop injuste/Find that sometimes life is not fair

Souvenier tv

Video killed the Radio star! Check for the best industrial style TV & Ra.

vintage pram rattle - plastic lambs. The packaging looks like the imported from Japan Five and Dime store type. No concern about choking hazards in those days!

Pram rattle - plastic No concern about choking hazards in those days!

Remember when people actually measured your shoe size for you?

Remember having your foot measured at the shoe store? Did you know this was called a "Brannock Device"? Remember when shoe salesmen used to measure your foot and bring you each box of shoes you wanted to try on?