Kitchen shelves out of salvaged barn wood. Must find an application for the old barn. I'd want kitchen shelves to be easier to clean, though.

Bundled Hues -

Color Wander

Master Bedroom - bundled hues This site is all about color. Scan through it and find the one color combo you like or do as they did and choose a picture or fabric that is absolutely your favorite thing and match the colors up to that.

Retro green and coral kitchen - love the colors!

Weekend Outing: Historical Kitchen Tour — Portland, Oregon

Kitchen Drawer Facelife: Emile van den Bergh and Ymke van Zwoll  What a creative idea!  The owners (Emile van den Bergh and Ymke van Zwoll) started off with an Ikea base kitchen; they gave their kitchen a face lift by installing drawer fronts made from Dutch Kaasplanken (vintage cheese boards made from a type of pine).

Kitchen Drawer Facelift

chunky black + wood

Beautiful timber and concrete kitchen. Unfinished wood on the cabinetry and ceiling gives this space a rustic feel and blends nicely with the dark coloured concrete.

Wine Rack Wine Shelf Bar Shelf Liquor Shelf.  -Glad my dad knows how to make this stuff!

I just love all the possibilities pallets have! Very cool liquor rack, but could be used for something like a spice rack, pictures, or anything your heart desires!

Breadbox blauw

Mynte Stoneware and accessorize by Ib Laursen- Breadbox and kitchen towels.