Hidde Reitsma

Hidde Reitsma

Peasens / If you dont know what you know. you didn't know.
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Some people never change son !

similar to the man behind me in the supermarket today!

portret...Half gezicht in zwart-wit

Albert Einstein 1948 by Yousuf Karsh by Karsh Nut, via Flickr

Photograph by Marco Grob for TIME..........Behind TIME’s portrait of the Dalai Lama.........timelightbox.tumblr.com

Else, JAT1D, Dit vind ik een heel mooi portret omdat de huid zwart is en de achtergrond wit, de vrouw kijkt ook heel ontspannen

eyes of an elderly woman

Zlatan Ibrahimovic personalidad del año 2013 en la revista GQ

LeBron James is dedicated to his job and his fans. His job is to work hard all day everyday. This is shown through his success's and his talent

lebron james, tattoos, basketball player, nba