Frans Hals (Dutch)

Frans Hals the Elder (/hɑːls/;[1] Dutch: [ɦɑls]; c. 1582 – 26 August 1666) was a Dutch Golden Age portrait painter who lived and worked in Haarlem. He is notable for his loose painterly brushwork, and he helped introduce this lively style of painting into Dutch art. Hals played an important role in the evolution of 17th-century group portraiture. ...Hals was a master of a technique that utilized something previously seen as a flaw in painting, the visible brushstroke. The soft curling lines of Hals' brush are always clear upon the surface: "materially just lying there, flat, while conjuring substance and space in the eye." ...Hals displayed tremendous daring, great courage and virtuosity, and had a great capacity to pull back his hands from the canvas, or panel, at the moment of the most telling statement. He didn't 'paint them to death', as many of his contemporaries did, in their great accuracy and diligence whether requested by their clients or not. REFERENCE:
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Frans Hals (Dutch, 1582/83–1666). Young Man and Woman in an Inn ("Yonker Ramp and His Sweetheart"), 1623. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Bequest of Benjamin Altman, 1913 (14.40.602) #dogs

Young Man and Woman in an Inn (Yonker Ramp and His Sweetheart) - Frans Hals 1623

Frans Hals (Antwerp 1582 – Haarlem 1666) Lesender Knabe

Frans Hals, A Boy Reading (Lesender Knabe), between 1597 and Oil on canvas, 76 × 63 cm × in.

Frans Hals (Antwerp 1582 – Haarlem 1666) Family Portrait

1635 Frans Hals (Dutch artist, Family portrait It's About Time: Families outdoors on Terraces & in Gardens, Parks, & the Countryside

Frans Hals, Portrait of a Man, c. 1665 From the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Frans Hals, foremost painter in the Dutch city of Haarlem, was one of the most original and penetrating portraitists of the seventeenth century. This work, painted when the artist was in his eighties, is striking for the freedom of its vigorous brushwork. At the time, an admirer described Hals’s late portraits as “very rough and bold, nimbly touched and well-ordered.

Frans Hals, Portrait of a Man, c. 1665 From the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Frans Hals, Vastenavond (Merrymakers at Shrovetide),1616/17 (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC) #franshals #art #painting

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Fisher Boy - Frans Hals (1630-32)

Fisher Boy - Frans Hals - 1630 - Gallery: National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

Frans Hals - Willem van Heythuyzen

Portrait of Willem van Heythuysen, ca. 1625 Frans Hals (Dutch, ca.

Portrait of a Woman Holding a Fan by Frans Hals Date:1640

HALS Frans - born Flemish (Antwerpen Haarlem) ~ Portrait of a Woman Holding a Fan 1640