Fun masks

Preschool Playbook: Lion and Lamb Mask. cool idea for kids, make them to fit your wedding theme. Add a paper baseball hat, umpire hat, microphone to stick for an announcer, maybe leave a strip across the middle for a mask or a few for the catcher mask?

poppenkast van 3 canvasschilderijen, een bezemsteel en scharnieren

DIY idea: Kids puppet theater made from three plain artist canvases. Definitely not a puppet theater you'd have to hide.

Make Your Own Puppet Theater

DIY Puppet Theater

great craft to do in summer with the kids , love the easy to make emoji face spoon puppets , you could even make them costumes to change into Make Your Own Puppet Theater

Maak je eigen tv. Verzin een verhaal, plak deze op een rol in de goede volgorde en bouw deze in de doos. Draaien maar!

I completely forgot about these-- Cereal box t. Great for book reports or new creative writing projects. I used to do these back in elementary school and we would have to make a report using cereal boxes or a box.

kern 8: voorstelling

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