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a car is parked in front of an old building on a cobblestone street
Holkegade, Faaborg
Marts 2024
a large house on the side of a hill next to a body of water with trees in the background
Gais Have - Langelinie
Faaborg, 13. februar 2024
a statue of a dog with a hat on it's head in the snow
Klokketårnet, Faaborg
Set fra havnebadet/Færgevej
there is a small lake in the middle of this field that has no leaves on it
Fra stien rundt om Sundet
Faaborg, 14. dec. 2023
a small yellow building surrounded by snow covered trees and boats in the water behind it
Thepavillonen i Den gamle Gaard, Faaborg
Primo december 2023
a street lined with houses covered in snow and christmas lights hanging from the side of them
Holkegade (Den gamle Gaard) i Faaborg
December 2023
a large red house sitting on top of a lush green field next to a lake
Klokketårnet i Faaborg
Set fra engen ved sportspladsen, primo nov. 2023
an old fashioned train traveling down a road surrounded by trees with yellow leaves on them
Faaborg Kirkegaard
Set fra Kirkestræde primo november 2023
an empty street with cars parked on the side and buildings in the backround
Lagonis Minde, Faaborg
Septembers himmel, 14. september 2023
several people are walking down the street in front of some buildings at night with lights on
Den gamle Gaard, Faaborg
Holkegade, august 2023
a row of houses line the street in front of each other on a sunny day
Grønnegade, Faaborg
Set fra hjærnet af Kirkestræde, juli 2023
two people are standing on a bridge over the water in front of sailboats at sunset
Faaborg Havn, juli 2023
“Sukkenes Bro” i Faaborg, set med min gamle Iphone 8
an old church sits in the middle of a rural area with tall grass and trees
Helligåndskirken, Faaborg
Juniaften 2023
an old church sits next to a body of water with tall grass in the foreground
Forår 2023
Faaborg Kirke og Klokketårn set fra Sundstien, april 2023
the road is lined with trees and has a church in the distance on one side
Klokketårnet, Faaborg
Set fra Alléskoven, ultimo marts 2023