Mijn eerste pop 60 jaar geleden

I still have this same doll from Germany that belonged to my mother who is in her now - doll photo is from Museum Rotterdam

Mijn eerste computer met ponskaarten waar ik mee heb gewerkt bij Grammofoonplaten Maatschappij CNR in Leiden

On August IBM releases the IBM Personal Computer. The first PC ignites a long-running tech rivalry with Apple.


Metal Roller Skates with Key. I used to roller skate down the sidewalk. Our street had a slight hill that was perfect for roller skating up the street then coasting down.

zo leuk!!

RCA Victor Portable Record Player in Faux Croco Case. my Dad had one of these and gave it to me for Christmas when my family didn't have enough money to buy one.


Uit de klas gehaald worden en dan naar de bus voor controle of een behandeling.A big Bus/Van stopped in front of the school and all the kids went in one after the other.