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a cake with white roses and green beads on the top is sitting on a glass platter
Pakket \"bloementaart\" - Bloemschikken||Gratis verzending vanaf €35
pakket "bloementaart" Een all in one pakket, alle materialen samen om dit prachtig taartje te maken
there is a cake with flowers on it
bloementaarten - Google zoeken
a wooden log with flowers and greenery in it on the snow covered ground,
Winters bloemstuk met repen boomschors
Winters bloemstuk maken - bloemschikken winter met boomschors en witte bloemen
a white vase filled with flowers and ornaments
Christmas dish - Composition by Carles J. Fontanillas
With base elements like wood and wire we can create a very interesting design. A vertical composition where we highlight the spider's web technique combined with different materials. This design's range of colours is soft and the proportions are extreme. In a reduced space we will achieve a very deep floral arrangement.
a wooden stand with flowers on it sitting on a table
Осенние композиции: "Кора, бревна и цветы"
Милые сердцу штучки: Осенние композиции: "Кора, бревна и цветы"
white flowers are arranged in the center of a piece of driftwood that is covered with snow
winter roses
a plate with some plants on top of it sitting on a wooden table in front of a fireplace
Stijlvol wonen
a bride holding a bouquet of green and white flowers
Bourke/Rhodes Wedding Brentwood Country Club
bear grass cage
two baskets with flowers on them sitting on a table next to a person holding a knife
MFH Part 10a: Professional Floristry Course at Jamie Aston
Divine Floréal: MFH Part 10a: Professional Floristry Course at Jamie Aston
several pictures of different types of plants and hanging baskets, including succulents
How To Make A Beautiful Succulent Sphere - The WHOot
Succulent Sphere DIY Is Your Next Project | The WHOot