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a notepad with the words how cutting my math block in half is an awesome student's engagement and achievement
How I Schedule My Math Block: Instruction & Centers Structure - Tales from Outside the Classroom
A look at how splitting my math block in half increased my students' engagement and helped me differentiate to meet their needs.
the best resources on diffrentmenting instruction for teachers and students to use
The Best Resources On Differentiating Instruction
The Best Resources On Differentiating Instruction
different activities to do with the classroom in order to learn how to use colors and shapes
Differentiating Your Classroom with Ease
The Brown-Bag Teacher: Differentiating Your Classroom with Ease
two different types of classroom activities for students to use in their writing and reading skills
Crockett's Classroom
Classroom Assessments for a Differentiated, Responsive Classroom
the steps for planning a tiered activity with text and arrows in different colors on it
Math Stations Tips (and a Freebie) Linky Party - Differentiated Kindergarten
A Differentiated Kindergarten: Math Stations Tips (and a Freebie) Linky Party
there is a green circle with the words differentiated kindergarten on it
This teacher has THE BEST differentiated products!!
how the best teachers differentiated instruction
How the Best Teachers Differentiate Instruction
two blue squares with the words math on them
Teaching To Inspire In 5th
5th Grade Math Choice Boards- Not just math, but reading as well. Click through for some nice examples to use and to modify. Don't forget to let your students modify these as well. Hand them a copy of Bloom's taxonomy. Teach them the language of Bloom. Then turn them loose.
a notepad with numbers and times on it, in front of a spiral notebook
When Differentiation Feels Impossible
When Differentiation Feels Impossible (Blog Post): The challenges of differentiating in the math classroom are many!
three pieces of paper with words written on them
What's that? Your kiddos have math misconceptions?! Have you tried a Concept Sort?! If not, come check this out!
a collage of photos with the words 10 time - saving tips for grading student writing
Simple and meaningful activities for early finishers
Simple and meaningful activities for early finishers -
a sign that says diy roll out - a center with crayons on it
DIY Roll Out Center - Classroom DIY
Classroom DIY: DIY Roll-Out-A Center!
a blue and yellow sign that says, 9 ideas for organizing differentiated instruction
9 Ideas For Organizing Differentiated Instruction | Organized Classroom
9 Ideas For Organizing Differentiated Instruction - The Organized Classroom Blog
a colorful striped background with an image of two candy bars and the words have you differentiated a project?
Differentiate a project
Have you differentiated a project? FREE printable
a stack of plastic drawers with numbers on them
work boxes, have one for each student, when they finish their work they can go to their work box and pull out things to work on that the teacher has placed in there. (lets the teacher assign different things for the student/if they need extra practice in an area) - DIFFERENTIATION!
two women sitting at a table with some food in front of them and one is holding up a piece of candy
'Learning Menus' Empower Students to Tailor Curriculum
'Learning Menus' Empower Students to Tailor Curriculum - Education Week
an image of a poster with some words on it that says, every student can learn just not on the same day, or the same way
What every teacher and student should keep in mind
a bulletin board that has some writing on it
I'm done! Now what? {Famous words}
Like this.
an origami box with the words reading compension setting characters in different colors
E is for Explore!
FREE Reading Comprehension Printable Die~ Students have fun rolling the die, and then pointing out key details from a piece of literature. After reading a story, kids get in a group, roll the die, and answer it. This activity will help them look for key details and familiarize them with important components in a story. Easy, fun idea from E is for Explore!
an image of a classroom setting with laptops on the desk and a projector screen
Differentiating Instruction with Watch, Think, Color games
Differentiating instruction with Watch, Think, Color games. SO EASY to do!
the table is shown with two different types of text and numbers on it, including
Polk County Public Schools Polk County, Florida
Applying Depth of Knowledge levels for Mathematics. Recall > Skills/Concepts > Strategic Thinking > Extended Thinking (growth of complexity)
an image of a large maze that looks like it is going through the ground
FREE MISC. LESSON - “Five Minutes Left and What Can I Do?: 100 Fun and Challenging Puzzles”
FREE LESSON - “Five Minutes Left and What Can I Do?: Fun and Challenging Puzzles” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free lessons. #FreeLesson #TeachersPayTeachers #TPT http://thebestofteacherentrepreneurs.blogspot.com/2011/10/free-misc-lesson-five-minutes-left-and.html
a sign that says fair isn't everybody getting the same thing fair is everybody getting what they need to be successful
Amazing how I still need to say this to my high school ELLs when their classmates get special accommodations...
a little boy that is holding his hand up to his face
Quote (Walter Barbee)
Words to remember...
the back cover of a bulletin board with pictures of different things on it and text that says
Options for your Early Finisher Board
a jar filled with lots of colorful plastic spoons on top of a carpeted floor
mrsgoldsclass.com -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspmrsgoldsclass Resources and Information.
"Challenge capsules" for students who finish early-- keep those high achievers moving :)
two pictures of people standing in front of a fence
J Anderson on X
"Fair isn't always equal" Good visual
two children are holding up a map in front of their teacher's desks
6 Strategies for Differentiated Instruction in Project-Based Learning
6 Strategies for differentiated instruction in project-based learning #pbl #edchat #educhat #teaching
a cup with toothbrushes sticking out of it on top of a wooden table
Mrs. Lewis' Learning Library
Place words, math facts, numbers, etc on stick and pass out at transition times. Make the colors different levels so that you can easily pass out to different levels of students
a poster with the words how are we learning? and an arrow pointing to it
A chart to organize classroom expectations. I think the arrow needs to be modified - but a easy adaptation to a CHAMPS idea. Very quick and easy way to set expectations.
the differentiated math classroom book study week 2 is shown in red, yellow and white
The Differentiated Math Classroom: Discussion Points 5 and 6
The Differentiated Math Classroom: Discussion Points 3 and 4! Come over and join the discussion--even if you haven't read the book! Great ideas being posted!!!
a bulletin board with words and pictures on it
Littlest Learners / Clutter-Free Classroom Blog
Must Do / May Do, GREAT idea.
a blue and yellow sign with stars on it that says, four evil math wizard spells you can cast to turn fraction problems into brain building challenges
5 Fun Things to Do While Waiting for the Parade to Start - Minds in Bloom
Use these strategies to make ordinary math problems into engaging, brain-bending challenges for your students.
a woman teaching children how to read books in a classroom at the elementary education center
Scholastic Teaching Tools | Resources for Teachers
math stations for differentiation
a poster with an octopus and some words on it that read recall, skill or concept
Depth of Knowledge infographic - http://www.fortheteachersblog.org/friday-five-reminders-about-webbs-depth-of-knowledge/#.UYz6OqXosyG
a purple book with lots of puzzles on it
Teaching Resources & Lesson Plans | Teachers Pay Teachers
Logic Puzzles - Set of 5 Brain Teaser Puzzles with Grids
a purple poster with the words, every classroom has its own culture ask yourself these two questions to learn more about yours
Your Classroom Culture: 12 Question to Ask Yourself
The new year is a great time to reflect and possibly make some changes. This post will give you some questions to ask yourself about the classroom culture you have created.
a blue puzzle piece on a white background
Challenge Lab Enrichment Consultants
What is the Challenge Lab? Are you looking for a fresh approach to differentiation? Are you hoping to save your Gifted and Talented program during tough economic times? The Challenge Lab is a dynamic way to serve ALL students when they achieve academic mastery, and it benefits the WHOLE school. Check out our new blog for great enrichment ideas! http://challengelabenrichment.blogspot.com/
a bulletin board with several notes attached to it's sides and hanging on the wall
Math challenge problems--another tip!
Blog post talking about a few easy ways to differentiate math learning for students who finish early!
a menu with different foods on it and the words serving menu written in black ink
Fun in 5th Grade
Spelling Menu: Spice up your spelling homework!!! Free so
I need to make a "I'm done, now what?" board. I would add to/modify some of these, but I love the idea.
classroom decor
I need to make a "I'm done, now what?" board. I would add to/modify some of these, but I love the idea.
A lazy susan! use this for a schedule, center rotations, early finishers ....so many neat ideas! Activities For Kids, Pre School, Elementary, Crafts For Kids, Classroom Decor
Projects - Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo
A lazy susan! use this for a schedule, center rotations, early finishers ....so many neat ideas!
a group of kids sitting next to each other in front of a whiteboard with writing on it
In our first grade classroom, I work hard to differentiate my teaching, my lessons, my directions, and my questioning to ensure enhanced learning is taking place daily for all students.