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four cups with numbers on them are in a bucket filled with oats and colored shapes
As formas geométricas
there is a display with different colored items on it
two lego blocks with numbers on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Counting and Measuring with Lego: Preschool Maths Game
roll and cross the best math game for toddlers to practice their number recognition skills
Roll & Cross Math Game - Busy Toddler
Count and Thread the Raindrops
Save your used straws for this fine motor skill counting activity! 👉🏻 Recommended for 3 to 6 years old 👉🏻 For 3 to 4yo, use numbers from 1 to 12. 👉🏻 for 5 to 6yo, roll two dice. Add the numbers up and write the number above one of the twines. Thread in the matching number of straw raindrops.
several pink cups with black dots on them are arranged in the shape of dices
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a spiral notebook with numbers and balloons on it, next to an orange marker that says let's count down to 2012
Activity Ideas for 12-18 Month-Olds — Oh Hey Let's Play
DIY Color Matching and Counting Board
the very hungry caterpillar counting game for toddlers to learn how to count
25 Spring Math Activities For Preschoolers