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Black & white Rolls Royce, was Luci's car.

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Inspirational Quotes About Moving On #love

To my kids: I’ll love you forever, no matter what we’re facing. Cause the reason that i’m here is the same through all these years, so push away your fears, i’m not changing anything at all. Specially my love for you, It will always remain the same.

i think i have already posted this one but i want to do this so bad with my boyfriend when i get one

Love is cooking together. If there is only one of you who can cook, don't cook everything by your self. Ask him/her help you. Cooking moment together will bring more fun and love for your relationship.

"I don't think you understand JUST how easily you make my day ....." "Lovely quote that also makes your sweetie's day." -- DIY Love the Peeksi Way

cuz-daddy-says: it’s an amazing thing when you find that one person that no matter what can pull you out of your deepest funks and bring the biggest smile to your face. I have that and I can’t express enough what it means to me -J Yes….