Dog Door. Could lock the cabinet when not home and dog could still come and go.

Dog Door Cabinet - For those who have outdoor dogs but also want to give the dog relief from the elements but not access to the whole house. Install a doggy door into the back of a cabinet. Attach a lock to the cabinet doors.

Touchscreen cutting board that can give you recipes, weigh what you're chopping and even tell you when it's clean enough! Brilliant!

The Almighty Board could be a chef’s dream come true

The Almighty Board is the ultimate kitchen assistant. Cutting board, display your recipes, directions, weigh your ingredients. After you wash it, it will even tell you if it has been cleaned enough to avoid cross-contamination or food poisoning.


Salt water aquariums full of beautiful tropical fish and reef creatures creatively installed. (I'm actually fairly fond of northern fish, but the fish can easily be changed, it's the tank that's hard to get.

Now this is a shower.

Water water everywhere! >> this is amazing! Shower or splash park? Is that water coming back up at you from the floor like an undercarriage wash at a carwash?

Infographic: The Home of Tomorrow is Here! What's next for technology in the home? From speedcooking to multi-purpose bathroom features, see what you can put into your home. #technology #home #hometech

Welcome to the 'Home of Tomorrow - Today' Courtesy of EuroFit Direct For Green Building Elements

3 FREE Smartphone Apps for Going Green at Home

3 FREE Smartphone Apps for Going Green at Home

Can my #HOA prevent me from installing home #solar #panels?

If you’re considering installing home solar panels but have an HOA, it’s important to be aware of your solar rights as a property owner.

5 Luxury Products You Want In Your Home. #luxury #homeproducts #homeimprovement

Buy Woman pushing a intercom button by stockyimages on PhotoDune. Middle aged woman pushing button of intercom

10 Ways Home Automation Can Make Your Life Easier

10 Ways Home Automation Can Make Your Life Easier - The HomeSource

Your Guide to Home Automation | Home Sense Newsletter #technology #homeautomation #homeadvisor

The real estate world tends to think of technology in terms of websites and apps. But it's a big housing world out there, and tech finds its way into our real estate lives in myriad ways. Some recent sightings: