Hong Huynh
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Ik heb dit plaatje gekozen omdat er verschillende dingen in voorkomen. Bijvoorbeeld het viool en die het de noten op het Muziekpapier moet spelen. En je hebt ook nog ballet schoentjes, dat kan dus zijn dat de ballerina op de muziek van de viool danst. Ik heb deze gebruikt omdat er dingen in worden gecombineerd en dat wil ik ook proberen.

Continued #2- even if I like a guy artistically or even personally, I'd be afraid he'd want to put everyone else on....I might of known thousands of artists...so passing on a couple hundred was never out of question for me. In other circles I traveled in both the talent and the passion was a lot more concentrated. For me it wasn't just talent,..no one starts out like Mozart, it was a person's effort...

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Remember that black keys also make music #quote http://www.healyourfacewithfood.com/

Sometimes its best just to shut the world out and immerse yourself in the music! ♫♪

Why is he so damn perfect their songs speak volumes to me and i just love them all to pieces i can't even cope

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