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Axolotl, or the Mexican neotenic mole salamander is quite unique. While other amphibians are born with gills as larvae and breathe air as adults, Axolotl retains its larval attributes, including its gills through maturity. Also, it looks like a Mudkip. Cute Endangered Animals, Extinct Animals, Endangered Species, Unusual Animals, Rare Animals, Animals Beautiful, Strange Animals, Pink Animals, Colorful Animals

العاب الكارثة

موقع فيه جميع أجزاء لعبة الكارثة و البيض احد العاب ألغاز و الذكاء

The mighty sturgeon is endangered as a result of deliberate harvesting of the fish and their eggs (caviar). Extinct And Endangered Animals, Endangered Species, Species Extinction, Rare Animals, Sea World, Animal Quotes, Marine Life, Sea Creatures, Under The Sea


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Sawfish Basics :: Florida Museum of Natural History Endangered Fish, Endangered Species, Water Animals, Sea Creatures, Natural History, Shark, Florida, Museum, This Or That Questions

Sawfish FAQ

So many great questions about sawfish! Click below to find the answers:

The Banggai cardinal fish's popularity as a pet for the home aquarium has landed it on the 2007 IUCN Red List. Endangered Fish, Most Endangered Animals, Endangered Species, Home Aquarium, Pet Fish, Underwater Life, Sea Monsters, Ocean Life, Under The Sea

Photo Gallery: Most Endangered Animals of '07 Announced

Pictures of threatened species and animals that have been added in the 2007 Red List made public by the world conservation union

Web site of the Ecolocical Services Program, a program within the Fish & Wildlife Service. Endangered Fish, Endangered Species, American Pika, Canada Lynx, Garden Fountains, Animal Species, Rocky Mountains, Sculpture Art, Wildlife

Endangered Species

Web site of the Ecolocical Services Program, a program within the Fish & Wildlife Service.