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Hot Breeze # 5 by Emerico Imre Toth - Hot Breeze # 5 Painting - Hot Breeze # 5 Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale on imgfave

The #Anunnaki Eaglemen, elite guard of the Mother #Goddess - #Ninhursag. The pouch carried has different interpretations but one is that it was the 'oracular device' used for stellar communicates. http://inthebeginningthebook.com

Anunnaki Eaglemen (Elite guard) The pouch carried had a special meaning or purpose which is unknown, as well as the pinecone. These birdmen show up all over the world. Some stories say they are from Nibiru, along with the Anunnaki.



De Griekse Mythologie ( essay ) – De wereld van Bas

Heracles fighting the Hydra of Lerna on a hydria by the Eagle Painter, c. 525 BC, now in the Getty Villa, Malibu, California.

#Mythological Creature - The Harpy by GuthrieArtwork

HARPY [noun] Greek mythology: winged spirits best known for constantly stealing food from Phineas. The literal meaning of the word seems to be “that which snatches” as it comes from the ancient.

staple city

Artist Peter Root fashioned an entire little city of staples – an ephemicropolis! Hard to believe he spent 40 hours building the installation in the lobby of a building, using solely stacks of staples that were split into various sizes.