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The Sixties was a decade of two halves & the swinging London of mods and boutiques (an extrovert, indigenous moment), and the counter-culture of hippies and revolution (a more self-conscious, Americanised phenomenon).

60s poster

babylonfalling: Classic sixties poster incorporating a Stephen Shames photo of Black Panthers with a flip of a line from Proverbs of Hell (plate in William Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell

60s poster

☯☮ॐ American Hippie Psychedelic Classic Rock Music Retro Vintage ~ Summer of Love Anniversary

Blaxploitation  70s vintage poster

♣"He's Bad… He's Mean… He's a Lovin' Machine!"— Black Shampoo starring John Daniels & Tanya Boyd, funny I would peg him as a "SOUL GLO" dude!

That 70s Show

The men (mostly Red) is the typical husband. Goes out, earns a living, comes home and eats dinner made by wife. The women make the dinner for the men be the typical wife.