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Indigenous Inspiration.  Kwa Zulu Natal. 1959.  #anthropology #indigenous #tribe #africa #inspiration

kivatextiles: “Speaking with Beads: Zulu Arts from Southern Africa, Jean Morris and Eleanor Preston Whyte 1994 ”

Wild men, Slovenia.   Where did I hear, Slovenia?

Kurenti Kurenti Ptuj - Slovenia Kurent (also known as korant) is the central traditional carnival figure in this part of the world, and the most popular and widespread traditional carnival figure in.

Stunning Images of African Masquerades | Hint Fashion Magazine

Photograph by Phyllis Galembo BURKINA FASO An elephant and a bat pose at the Dodo Masquerade in Burkina Faso, an event where children don masks, sing, and dance under a full moon.

The Dogon people

dogon culture, african mask, Los Angeles african art collections available at…

Old Chum’s photostream Parures Africaines

Bwa masqueraders of Burkina Faso (from "Parures Africaines" by Denise Paulme and Jacques Brosse).

Charles Fréger - Wilder Mann - M̲elt

His series Wilder Mann runs a legion of both years and countries in relentless pursuit of the mythological “Wild Man”. Ritual and folklore are married in a celebration of life, death, fertility, and the cycle of the seasons.