Such a nice idea to present a product differently. Prop Styling - Candles and Flowers // Brooklyn Candle Studio: Photostyling, Styling

Female Character Meme: an antagonist - Alice Morgan (Luther) Innocence is a negative. It’s the absence of guilt. nice text/image interaction, grungey/peeled effect to give extra meaning/hide elements.

print (book, magazine, newspaper) + typography + editorial + layout + design | Tomasz Biskup

Tomasz Biskup

Amazing graphic design that gather print (book, magazine, newspaper) + typography + editorial + layout + design

XX14 June Patterns by Andrew Wagner, via Behance

Selected pattern designs for June. These patterns are personal work, and part of a design research exercise completed monthly. Patterns for June explored more traditional two dimensional print and repeat methods, while experimenting with more contemp…

splashes of color through minimal shapes, makes it dynamic. but it has to support the message.

I believe only one typeface is utilized in this example, however the difference in scale makes all the difference. The title carries the heaviest weight, then the dates, and lastly the description.