The Economical #Packaging EVO #lightbulbs designed by Evgeniy Pelin -

The Economical Packaging EVO

Etta + Billie Packaging

All-natural and handmade, this scrub from exfoliating scrub bar from Etta + Billie is super awesome! It exfoliates with sea salt and moisturizes with organic cocoa and shea butters for super-soft skin.

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Packaging inspiration

Violator Beer Packaging proves that Beer Bottles don't have to be Green or Brown / Packaging / Design / Ideas / Inspiration / Scandinavian / Minimal / White / Modern / Bottle / Drink / Organic / Nordic / Minimalist

Churro Ice Cream

playful type with a mix of soft and vibrant pink shades, complimented by strong black type


Howling Monkey Beer *** Designed by Turner Duckworth *** Unfortunately, the Howling Monkey Beverage Company ended their beer production and got into the energy drink game. But, we can still admire this packaging and dream about what could have been …