business card

Beautiful Die Cut Business Card for Feeding The Self. Designed by Lumo, a design and illustration studio. Cards have been matt laminated on both sides and

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Twig / Logo & Stationary design / Clean White Letterpress - Clean white letterpress card by rowleypress for Twig Creative, a boutique shop specializing in children’s toys. A good design + a beautiful craft sure equals a most lovely outcome.

MOCA business card

Museum Of Contemporary Art Business Cards—Love the die cut and the simple type. could have been a little bit smaller type size.

Twist to Read Business Card

Twist to Read Business Card Business cards designed for a Yoga instructor. User has to twist the card to read the entire message.

neon edges

studyhardlikehermione: Awesome way to organize flash cards! Color the edges with a Sharpie or highlighter according to concept, subject, … you name it!