3black-cat-sculpture by Dean Kendrick

Having myself studied art and design for many years, I have a love of all things creative. One of the things I love is sculpture, and combining this with my love of all things feline I created a cute little gallery of some amazing cat sculptures.

Daily Mimar: art by Michael lang

WHO: Michael Lang; WHAT: "City Limits" WHY: I love the rainbow colours that are used in this piece, as well as the precise vertical and horizontal lines of the paint. It may be interpreted in many different ways which is what I am attracted to.

garden art from junk dishes | John Petrey Upcycled Wearable Art Dresses…

Art dress made of aluminum and plastic dinnerwear by John Petrey; dress by John Petrey;

Kunst of geen kunst? In ieder geval leuk om te bekijken!

Foshan-based Chinese street artist Chen Yingjie—also known as “Hua Tunan”—combines his training in classical Chinese painting with western graffiti style to create his incredible splatter paint portraits of animals.

Prachtige Surrealistische Portretten: kunstenaar blend mensen met de natuur «…

Surreal pieces of Art by Antonio Mora, a Spain-based artist who spent several years working as an art director in the industry. Mora — now a full-time artist — describes himself as someone who creates.