Do rabbits have thumbs?

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a bowl filled with white eggs and sprinkles on top of each other
DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs
DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs
there are many different toy figures on the white table together, including one with a mustache and other with an angry face
Easter Eggs Mix & Match Sculptures
DIY Easter eggs mix n match sculpture activity - fun for kids to play with all the pretty decorated eggs
a white rabbit in a gold pocket hanging from a wooden hanger
Bunny Necklace Paper Clay Miniature White Rabbit in a Bag Wearable Art - Etsy
Bunny necklace - Paper clay miniature white rabbit in a bag - Wearable art.
a wooden chair with a white rabbit head on it's back and legs, sitting on a wood floor
I have to get one of these..
paper carrots are hanging on a string with the word egg hunt written on it
Gardening Tools, Craft Supplies & Sewing Scissors | Fiskars
Easter Egg Hunt