Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) this is the largest rodent on the planet.

Robbing Rodents Save Tropical Plant by Krystnell A. Storr. "Call it the Robin Hood of rodents. When the cat-sized agouti comes across seeds buried by its comrades, it digs them up and hides them in a new place. The robberies are selfish, to be sure, but a new study reveals that they may be saving a tropical tree from extinction."

sweet little rodents :)

CUTE LITTLE ELEPHANT SHREW! Elephant shrews are small, quadrupedal, insectivorous mammals resembling rodents or opossums, with scaly tails, elongated snouts, and rather long legs for their size, which are used to move in a hopping fashion like rabbits. Although mostly diurnal and very active, they are difficult to trap and very seldom seen.

Ravy #illustrations #animals eximago: Exotic Rodents (large neotropical rodents - central and south america)

Rodents of unusual size

Viscachas are rodents that are closely related to chinchillas. Mountain viscachas can be found in the Andes, and they love sunbathing!

Beechey squirrel... lots of rodents in Washington

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